Voice Actor Shunichi Toki to Release His 1st Mini Album on September 16, 2020

In the live-streaming program "Toki Shunichi no Suiyo Rokide SHOW" last night, 31-year-old voice actor Shunichi Toki announced that his yet-titled first mini-album is set to be released from Pony Canyon on September 16, 2020.
After graduated from Amuse Media Academy's voice actor course, he started his professional voice acting activities in 2013. His well-known anime/game characters include Kei Tsuzuki ( The Idolm@ster SideM ), Yuki Rurikawa ( A3! ), Kouki Etou ( TSUKIPRO THE ANIMATION ), and Huehuecóyotl ( Midnight Occult Civil Servants ). He is already cast as the voice of the protagonist Glenn Leitbeit in the summer 2020 TV anime Monster Girl Doctor .  
While performing various character songs, he made his solo singer debut with his first single "Yakusoku no Overture" TV anime Midnight Occult Civil Servants ED) in May 2019.
His first mini-album is a concept album inspired by his roots music. Because he had been listening to his father's favorite music since he was a child, he knows the music from the 60s and 70s, such as Simon & Garfunkel and Papas & Mamas. It pays homage to those popular foreign pop music that drove the era, blending with modern musical elements and Toki's clear singing voices.


/ 土岐隼一 1stミニアルバム 9月16日(水) 発売決定???? \ 今回は本人のルーツミュージックとなる60年代~70年代の洋楽のテイストを取り入れた1枚になる予定です! 続報をお楽しみに! https://t.co/24VgX6mp2D #土岐隼一 pic.twitter.com/RAMjcxBMrg
— 土岐隼一MusicOfficial (@tokishun_music) June 17, 2020


Toki's debut song "Yakusoku no Overture" short MV (May 15, 2019 release): 

First press limited edition CD jacket:


Source: Shunichi Toki official website 

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