Log Horizon: Roundtable's Collapse Delayed To January 2021 Due To Coronavirus Concerns

With the recent announcements of selected anime series resuming production following the lifting of the State of Emergency in Japan, it was a welcome respite from wave after wave of postponements for many anime productions originally slated for this Spring and Summer.
However, the  long awaited third season for fan favorite Log Horizon has now fallen victim to postponement due to concerns around COVID-19 exposure for the production staff and the series has been delayed to January 2021 as a result. To make up for the delay, the official site has also been updated with a brand new key visual, which can be seen below.

【「ログ・ホライズン 円卓崩壊」放送予定の変更について】 新型コロナウイルスの感染拡大防止に伴う影響から、Eテレでの放送を【21年1月スタート】に変更いたします。ご理解・ご了承いただけると幸いです。 あわせて新作のキービジュアルも発表されております。 詳しくは→ https://t.co/zocxVUumas
— NHKアニメ (@nhk_animeworld) June 15, 2020

The staff of the series is as follows:

Director:  Shinji Ishihira 

Series Composition:  Toshizo Nemoto 

Sound Director:  Shouji Hata 

Music:  Yasuharu Takanashi 

Production Studio:  Studio DEEN

The series was originally slated to premiere in October of 2020.


One day, tens of thousands of players – Adventurers – were trapped in the world of the popular online game Elder Tale!  People are confused in a different world where monsters and magic exist realistically, and the city of adventurers, Akihabara, descended into chaos.

A young man, Shiroe, who's not great with people, was one of those adventurers and decided to form a guild "Log Horizon" with his party, Akasuki, and Nyanta. Furthermore, he calls on the unity of adventurers to use his own wisdom as a weapon, launching the self-governing body "Round Table Conference", and restoring peace and stability to the city.

Centered around the Round Table Alliance, interaction with the original residents of the game world, The Earthlings, has begun with the adventurers, aristocrats, merchants, general citizens all working together to achieve diplomacy.

However, the adventurers only have one year from a "catastrophe" that has been blown in from a different country. Akihabara, which has enjoyed a fleeting prosperity, has to deal with a new species of monster "Tenwazawai" invading the city and the  nobility of the  east and west bickering between each other.

The flame of discontent continues to smolder between the guilds, with a struggle for power, disparity, and speculation occurring between adventurers.

Finally, a critical crisis will come to the roundtable, the symbol of unity with the adventurers...


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